Simple SEO Report Generation Class using PHP

This is simple SEO analysis generating class developed using PHP. There are so many aspect are covered, also so many aspects are yet to covered. It can take a given URL and retrieves the page HTML to perform several types of analysis to show in report Web page or save as PDF file.

This class can analyses a given page to evaluate SEO aspects in this Simple SEO Report Generation Class.

  1. If your site page exists or not.
  2. Number of JS and CSS in your page.
  3. If it uses HTTP or HTTPS.
  4. Page load and server response time.
  5. Page information from the HEAD section like the title, meta tags for description and keywords.
  6. Images and their alt tags.
  7. Broken links URLs and count.
  8. Text keyword frequency

This is just a primary report and demonstration of the concept of implementing the SEO report generation using PHP. You can improve it by fork and contribute on Github repository.

Fork here:

Demo is here:

Try it and give us feedback!