Simple jQuery Ajax Wrapper

Simple jQuery Ajax Handler

Ajax (Asynchronous XML and HTTP) request is necessary thing now a days in every web application. jQuery library provides really good wrapper against plain Javascript XMLHttpRequest. While writing real-time web applications we need to repeat same code again and again. To reduce the code, I wrote a simple wrapper function against jQuery ajax() method.

 * This is generic ajax request handler to handle all ajax request
 * @param {Object} callUrl : This is url of function to be called
 * @param {Object} postData : This is data to be post or get
 * @param {Object} method : post or get method
 * @param {Object} asyncStatus : async status TRUE or FALSE
 * @param {Object} successCallback : success state handler
var ajaxHandler = function(callUrl, postData, method, asyncStatus,  successCallback) {
    url : callUrl,
    data : JSON.stringify(postData),
    type : method,
    async : asyncStatus
  .error(function(xhr, textStatus, errorThrown) {
    if(xhr.status = 400){
      console.log('Method Not Found');

The ajaxHandler code is also hosted on Github. Please take a look at the Ajax Handler.